Time Apart I



Video.5min. Experimental documentary. 2016

Director and screen writer: Barbara Bollini

Director of Photography: Vincent de Vries

Time Apart I - A portray of a day in the life of the fisherman on the Miami River. It was filmed in one day, documentary style. The video has parts that are shown in a manner of long shots. They resemble a photographic still in movement. As a photographer, designer and painter, I managed to capture all these on camera. Even though the sequences are in real time as they happened, the story line is not the main priority. My first interest is to capture those beautiful moments from the point of view of a day on a fisherman’s boat in the Miami River. Manifesting nature, life and beauty through it, the search for where we live, who lives on the Miami River, its story and the hard life of a fisherman in Miami’s beautiful natural paradise. We also question what will remain the same after the sea level rises.